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Practice Notes

Application for Casino Operator's Licence

Application for the Renewal of Casino Venue Licence

Application by Secretary to Suspend or Cancel Casino Licence

Application for Mortgage, Charge or Encumbrance

Application to Transfer or Alienate as a Result of Mortgage, Charge or Encumbrance

Application to Approve Casino Venue Agreements or Amendments


Application by Casino Licence Holder or Request by Secretary to Specify, Vary or Revoke the Conditions of a Casino Licence

Application for Temporary Authority to Operate a Casino

Orders to Remove or Circumvent Significant Influence in a Casino of an Associated Person


Policies and Procedures

The Gambling Commission has a range of functions, set out in section 224 of the Gambling Act 2003. In discharging those functions, the Commission will follow the policies and procedures set out below.

The Practice Notes provide overall guidance on the operation of the Commission.
Particular procedures (based on Gambling Act requirements) have been prescribed for licensing applications, appeals and complaints. The Gambling Commission has also developed forms to be used when filing applications, appeals and complaints. For ease of reference, the relevant form(s) are linked to each procedure set out below.

The Commission’s Protocol for Casino Licence Holders Relating to Processing of Variation and Approval Applications sets out the practices of the Commission when processing applications by Casino Licence Holders. It clarifies when applications need to be lodged, and what information needs to be provided.


Practice Notes

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