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About This Site

This site is divided into sections, each with an index page listing a series of subsections. Each subsection features its own index page, which may have detail pages below that.

Access the index page for each section by clicking directly on the section title:
  • About The Gambling Commission: Information about the organisation, its structures and functions, including information about how to contact us and what's on this website.
  • Policies and Procedures: Policies and procedures followed by the Commission in discharging its functions, and Practice Notes that provide overall guidance on the operation of the Commission.
  • Forms: Forms to be used when filing applications, appeals or complaints with the Gambling Commission.
  • Fees: List of fees payable in relation to licensing applications and appeals to the Gambling Commission
  • Decisions: Record of decisions on applications and appeals made to the Gambling Commission.
  • Legislation: Relevant Legislation and Regulations under which the Gambling Commission operates.
  • News: Latest media releases from the Gambling Commission.
  • Reports: Annual Reports and other Publications, including a list of links to other relevant organisations and information.

The Features section on the homepage displays a changing list of recent additions and pages of special interest.

For information about navigating the site with a keyboard or a screen-reader see: Accessibility Features.
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