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Renewal of Licence for the Christchurch Casino

The Gambling Commission has received an application from Christchurch Casinos Limited to renew the casino venue licence for Christchurch casino, located at 30-38 Victoria Street, Christchurch. If granted, the application would permit the casino to operate at this location for another 15 years.

Feedback is being sought on this application and should be submitted to the Gambling Commission by 8 August 2018, either by email:, or by mail: PO Box 137295, Parnell, Auckland 1052.

For full details in relation to providing feedback on this application, please see the Public Notice, accessible from the list of documents below, or email any queries to the Gambling Commission directly at

1. Introduction (PDF, 39KB)

2. Relevant Sections of the Gambling Act 2003 (PDF, 48KB) For a full copy of the legislation, see: Gambling Act 2003 (Legislation website)

3. Application by Christchurch Casinos Limited for renewal of a Casino Venue Licence under section 134 of the Gambling Act 2003 (PDF, 2MB)

4. Appendices to Application (PDF, 6MB)

5. People of Significant Influence (PDF, 230KB)

6. Casino Impact Report prepared on behalf of Christchurch Casinos Limited (PDF, 6MB) Appendices to Casino Impact Report (PDF, 2MB)

7. Review of Casino Impact Report (PDF, 549KB)
Prepared for the Gambling Commission by Professor Paul Delfabbro, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide

8. Public Notice of Application to the Gambling Commission by Christchurch Casinos Limited for Renewal of its Venue Licence (PDF, 46KB)

9. Memorandum of Counsel for Christchurch Casinos Limited in relation to application for confidentiality (PDF, 171KB)

10. Decision by Gambling Commission in response to application for confidentiality (PDF, 61KB)

11. Submissions on the Application by Christchurch Casinos Limited to renew its venue licence:
12. Responses from the Police and Government Agencies on Christchurch Casinos Limited and persons with significance influence: 13. Christchurch Casino'ss Host Responsibility Reports to the Gambling Commission: 14. Submissions in Reply: 15. Gambling Commission Decision on Public Hearing 16. Gambling Commission Notice regarding the Public Hearing 17. Christchurch Casino's statements of evidence 18. Professor Delfabbro’s response to the evidence of Baines & Butcher 19. Statement of Evidence of Paula Joy Snowden - Problem Gambling Foundation 20. Statement of Evidence of Sybil Lisa Campbell - The Salvation Army Oasis 21. NEW: Decision on application by Christchurch Casinos Limited to renew venue licence 22. NEW: Precis of Commission's decision
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