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2021 Decisions

To access these documents click on the Decision Number.

Note: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

Decision No.Date of Notification of Decision
GC01/21 (175k)Application by DCML to exceed, temporarily, the ratio of gaming machines to gaming tables at the Dunedin Casino10 March 2021
GC02/21 (342k)Application by DCL for approval of independent experts to prepare a Casino Impact Report to accompany the renewal application for its Casino Venue Licence24 March 2021
GC03/21 (410k)Appeal by Pub Charity Limited against a decision of the Secretary for Internal Affairs regarding Class 4 venue licence conditions for Matata Hotel 8 April 2021
GC04/21 (245k)Appeal by New Zealand Community Trust against a refusal by the Secretary for Internal Affairs to agree to cessation of gambling at Flannagan's Irish Pub 8 April 2021
GC05/21 (751k)Appeal by Mainland Foundation Limited against a decision to cancel the Class 4 venue licence for the venue, The Daily14 April 2021
GC06/21 (225k)Application by CCL for approval of new game mixes15 April 2021
GC07/21 (180k)Application by SCML for approval of a new game mix Annex for the Queenstown Casino18 May 2021
GC08/21 (694k)Application by CCL to suspend, temporarily, Level 2 from the standard Gambling Area of the Christchurch Casino4 June 2021
GC09/21 (243k)Application by DCML to vary condition 8 attached to its operator's licene, and for an approval to deploy mobile EFTPOS devices at the Dunedin Casino under condition 1528 June 2021
GC10/21 (929k)Application by SCAL for vary conditions 9 and 9A of its venue licence6 July 2021
GC11/21 (154k)Application by DCL for approval of new independent experts to prepare a Casino Impact Report to accompany the renewal application for its Casino Venue Licence15 July 2021
GC12/21 (269k)Application by SCAL for approval of a new game mix for the Queenstown Casino6 July 2021
GC14/21 (161k)Proposal by the Gambling Commission to amend the approval for the provision of credit for gambling by casino operators24 August 2021
GC15/21 (333k)Application by CCL for an approval pursuant to condition 15 of its operator’s licence, to trial the deployment of an EFTPOS terminal at a gaming table 1 September 2021
GC16/21 (179k)Application by SHL for approval of construction and design changes, and for approval of a temporary cashiering facility at the Hamilton casino 6 September 2021
GC17/21 (150k)Application by CCL for approval to install two temporary cashiering facilities at the Christchurch casino6 September 2021
GC18/21 (302k)Review by the Gambling Commission of the charitable trust conditions attached to all casino venue licence23 September 2021

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