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2019 Decisions

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Note: These documents are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. You need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. You can download a free version from the Adobe site.

Decision No.Date of Notification of Decision
GC01/19 (155k)Application by SCAL for approval of construction and design changes15 February 2019
GC02/19 (97k)Application by SCML for approval to deploy a new electronic enhancement at the Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown casinos20 February 2019
GC03/19 (156k)Application by SCML for approval to relocate an EFTPOS terminal at the Auckland casino and to relax the requirement to seek prior Commission approval to relocate EFTPOS terminals within the Gambling Area20 February 2019
GC04/19 (890k)Appeal by New Zealand Community Trust - Counties Inn, Pukekohe26 February 2019
GC05/19 (2240k)Application by CCL for renewal of its casino venue licence29 March 2019
GC06/19 (1248k)Application by SCML to amend the 2017 approval for the provision of credit by casino operators15 April 2019
GC07/19 (602k)Applications by SCML, SHL, QCL and OCL for approval to vary the casino venue agreements for the for the Hamilton, Queenstown and Wharf casinos12 April 2019
GC08/19 (377k)Application by OCL to redesignate the Gambling Area at the Wharf casino, and by SCML to install an ATM machine8 May 2019
GC09/19 (340k)Application by SCML for approval to install two mobile cash-dispensing EFTPOS terminals at the Auckland casino, and the relocation of them, on occasion, to the Gambling Area on a non-cash dispensing basis8 May 2019
GC10/19 (542k)Application by CCL for approval of a new game mixes10 June 2019
GC11/19 (646k)Application by SCML to revoke condition 8 of its operator's licence for the Wharf casino29 May 2019
GC12/19 (687k)Application by SCML to vary licence conditions, for approval of a new game mix Annex, and for approval of a new floor plan for the Queenstown casino 10 June 2019
GC13/19 (648k)Application by SCML for approval of a new game mix Annex for the Auckland casino10 June 2019

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